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Young Artists from Germany, Belgium and Austria
The City Gallery, Prague 27.4. - 1.7.2001
Curators: Eva Schmidt, Kai Vöckler.

Mein Ausstellungsbeitrag: 
"Geld oder Leben und andere Filme aus dem Linolbüro von Jakob Kirchheim"
Video, 13min, 1993, mit Musik von FM EINHEIT, TV-Kompilation von Alexander Kluge

My contribution to the exhibition:
"Money or life and other movies from the lino-office of Jakob Kirchheim"
Video, 13min, 1993, music by FM EINHEIT, produced by Alexander Kluge

"SPACE AND TIME IN MEGALOPOLIS" Einladungskarte für die Ausstellung in Prag

"The "City of the future"... performs no natural function, it simply exists between mind and matter, detached from both, representing neither. It is in fact devoid of all classical ideals of space and progress. It is brought into focus by a strict condition of perception, rather than by any expressive or emotive means".
Robert Smithson, Entropy and the New Monuments (1966)